Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?

A: Yes, absolutely! If we haven't reached maximum capacity, you can buy your ticket at the door for $10-$15 sliding scale. However, to ensure that your spot is reserved, we urge you to buy tickets in advance.


Q: Is this all ages?

A: RISE! dance parties are sober and totally appropriate for the little ones in your life that want to get down. Really little ones might need some ear protection.


Q: Is the music live?

A: Yes! All RISE! parties have live DJs to keep you moving and grooving. No canned playlists or Top 40 music here. We think our DJs are some of the best the Twin Cities have to offer. You'll have to let us know whether you agree.

Q: Can I arrive late?

A: Yup. Of course we'd love you to dance for the entire 2 hours with us, but if you have to come late or leave early, it's no problem.

Q: What's this about coffee?

A: We'll have gourmet coldpress available from TruStone coffee roasters for all your caffeination needs.

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For Questions: contact us at risempls@gmail.com